Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Top 5: Photography Blogs

Image by Kate Miss of For Me, For You

There are tons of great photography blogs out there but I thought I'd try and narrow my favourites down to a top 5 blogs that inspire me.

1. For Me, For You

Kate Miss is a designer and jewellry maker living in New York. My favourite part of her blog is Bits of My Weekend in which she posts weekly photos of things she's been doing, and more recently analog photos she's had developed, which makes me want to use my old Pentax film camera again!

2. Hula Seventy

I could sit and flick through Andrea's photostream for hours. A lot of the photos are taken with a Polaroid SX-70 which gives them a dreamy quality, and the colours are beautiful. Andrea's 52 Strangers project inspired me to try my own (of which only about half are done so far but I'm still going!) She also plans amazing themed parties for her children which you can see on her flickr stream.

3. The Photo Diarist

The PhotoDiarist takes pictures of ordinary people in and around New York (maybe I'm just a bit obsessed with New York imagery?!) and manages to capture some great candid moments in the city. I especially like her photos of street musicians (more so than the fashion photos of late, probably as I'm not really a fashion-y person!)

4. Forever is Today

I may have mentioned this Swedish blog before but Hilda Grahnat's photos continue to inspire me every day. She often photographs flea market finds or collections of items in her house.

5. Eleanor Jane

The 5th photographer (all have been female so far for some reason, go girl photographers!) on my list is Eleanor Jane. I first came across her website as I ordered a zine (called Girl Photographer actually!) about Eleanor's trip across the USA. Her website contains a handy guide on how to become a freelance photographer for anyone considering it as a career.


  1. Thank you for this! I've been looking for photog blogs for ages :) xo

  2. Great Post! I love For Me, For You. Kate's pictures are so brilliant, I'm inspired by the way she's not afraid to tak pictures of seemingly mundane things which through her eyes mysteriously become interesting.

    Siobhan x


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