Friday, 1 October 2010

My Cameras: No.5

5. Taz Polaroid (Cost: £8)

This is my most favourite charity shop purchase ever! This little guy was spotted in my favourite charity shop (Cancer Research in Nottingham..) on a lunch break. As it was a few years ago films were still readily available in Boots (though still not cheap!).

Since the discontinuation I've purchased a few films from eBay, but I'm down to my last last one... has anyone got any brilliant ideas for using my last 5 polaroid shots? Saying that maybe I'll cave and pay over the odds on eBay again! Or try a film from the Impossible Project, but they still look quite experimental and the postage is pretty high. I really love all the shots I've taken with Taz, and I'm still working on a zine all about people's favourite polaroids, I'll let you know when it is done. Some shots I've taken are below, including the polaroid heart I made on my bedroom wall.
All my favourite people.


  1. I think the impossible film postage has become slightly less, but my Polaroid died from electrical fault with seven pictures stuck in it T-T

    Seize the day my dear, use those last five in a flurry of instant autumnal bliss!

  2. Aw no that's sad news! Yes i shall do! Autumn is a good time for photos (except when it's horrible outside like today!)

  3. I love your polaroid heart! I'm still sad I didn't get on with the impossible film - I wouldn't recommend trying it until they have properly sorted it out - mine have really faded now :/


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