Thursday, 21 October 2010

Good mail days

This week i got an assortment of exciting things through the post:

1. A bundle from my Nan, (above) which included heaps of old photos of her throughout the decades. I'm making her a calendar for her 80th birthday in November, so I'm scanning some of these photos for it. It's been fun looking through them and seeing what she did from the 1930s up the the present day!

2. A lovely letter from Erika and a polaroid too (i love getting polaroids through the post!)

3. Bianca's Travelling Journal Bianca sent this to its first participant a whole year ago! And it's finally made it's way to me. The pages inside are all mail/post- themed, and are oh-so beautifully decorated. I'm really looking forward to filling in my pages and posting it back to Bianca!

Bianca also included this mail-themed mix cd inside the journal!

4. Make Yourself Happy comic book This is Lucy Knisley's latest book which I ordered a few weeks ago from her website. I quite like the title.

Recently I wrote my very first guest post for the wonderful The Art of Staying Up All Night, about my favourite comic shop Page 45 for her series on amazing bookshops around the world. Have a looky here! They've just launched a new website which looks really good and includes a section you can fill in to get personalised comic book recommendations!

[Andrea is always on the lookout for other bookshop submissions, so if you know of a good one just get in touch.]


  1. Love the pictures of your nan! Thanks for my lovely letter I just got it in the post today. I shall endeavour to write a reply at the weekend.

    Send me a link to your spotify as it sound like you have some great playlists that I look forward to hearing :)

    Have a lovely evening,

    Siobhan xx

  2. Aw thanks for the link! I wanna see your gran's photos! Will you be uploading them when they're scanned? :)

  3. good mail days indeed! i love the photos for the calendar, and the mail themed mix tape is right up my street, amazing!!

  4. I wish I had amazing photos of my grandparents or parents for that matter.

    Lovely mail! you can never have too many polaroids.


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