Thursday, 21 October 2010

Film Thursday: The Social Network

Last night I watched the new film about Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook and how it became a global success. It was really interesting seeing how Facebook grew from a site for Harvard students to an international website that everyone seems to be on now. Unfortunately most of the people in the film got on my nerves (and Zuckerberg himself doesn't come across well at all!).

Justin Timberlake's acting was impressive though! I really recognised the person who played Zuckerberg's friend, played by Andrew Garfield (above on the left) and a quick search on imdb revealed he played the geeky but sweet Tom in Sugar Rush (did anyone used to watch that on Channel 4?! hehe) .. and is now up for playing the new Spiderman which is quite bizarre! Oh and I also found out the twins in this film were actually played by the same actor. (I like imdb!)


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  1. Ooh, want to see this! i've heard such mixed things but i like this kind of film in general so I might try and catch it this weekend. I skimread an article on the guardian site earlier which said that Zuckerberg isn't too impressed with the way he's presented, except that his clothing was pretty spot on! Justin Timberlake is surprisingly not-too-bad-at-all at acting... I saw him in Alpha Dog and he was actually very good in that too. Who'd have guessed?!


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