Thursday, 14 October 2010

Film Thursday: Pecker

This week I watched Pecker, a film about a photographer, played by Edward Furlong. Pecker enjoys taking photos of local people and their everyday lives, and when he puts on an exhibition in the fast food place he works on his work is spotted by a New York art dealer who insists on putting on a show there of his work. I quite like that he uses an old film camera he found in a junkshop. It's a film by John Waters so it's a bit weird in some parts but also pretty funny.

The film also stars Christina Ricci (I decided to watch another Ricci film after Now & Then last month!) and strangely the mother out of My So-Called Life who I've never seen in anything since then. (Sorry for the bad pictures, i should really screen-grab some myself next time!)


  1. Oh thanks for posting about this! I want to see this film now! The story sounds a lot like what you would do! heheh! :) :)

  2. My wife is American and recomended this film to me about five years ago and now I always watch it every six months or so because it's such a great film.


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