Thursday, 7 October 2010

Film Thursday: Back to the Future

The only film I've seen this week is a real 80's classic! It's now 25 years since Back to the Future was first released so me and a couple of friends headed to see it on the big screen. I'd never actually seen the entire film so it was definitely worth seeing at the cinema! Fun fact: Both the actors who played Marty's parents were younger than he was at the time. Great Scott!

George McFly is a hero!



  1. I love these films, we've been meaning to go see it at the cinema as well. My first crush was Michael J Fox :)

    Thomas saw the guy who played his Dad do a talk at one of last years ATP and he talked about back to the future apparently!

  2. No way!! I wish I'd been at that one!

  3. yay I really like this! Still want to to a BttF-marathon and see all three of them again :) I remember that I loved thinking about timetraveling and the idea of having another timeline where another 'me' is living a totally different life... how exciting :)


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