Friday, 29 October 2010

Nice things found this week

Some pretty things i found in blogland this week..

I love these fruit & vegetable people illustrations, from a 1914 book called Mother Earth's Children found on the snail and the cyclops.

You can see all the book pages here (although you may have to ignore some of the slightly offensive country-specific ones, eep...)

A perfectly heart shaped leaf from green laundry

An Amazing Totoro birthday cake, spotted on half girl

and a licorice necklace found on fine little day.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Monster Mash

Last night me and Tom decided to make monster masks! Not really for Halloween, just because it felt like something we should do! I made a few sketches and eventually the "Posh" monster was chosen, monocle and all... I might animate the others when I get chance!


Me sketching out silly monster ideas..


Tom getting er.. prepared


Hurrah for monsters of all types!


Speeding up the process




And mine.. Lord Frederick Montague

Film Thursday: the Shining

I've watched 2 films this week and the other was Hot Tub Time Machine, and I wasn't sure what to write about that! So as it's almost Halloween I'll go for the Shining which I rewatched last weekend. I'm guessing most people are familiar with the classic 1980 film, which stars a deranged Jack Nicholson (his eyebrows are simply amazing!) who takes his family to an empty hotel so he can concentrate on his writing.

I really love the patterns and colours used in the sets in the film. The moment she finds what Jack's been writing on the typewriter is my favourite. All the pieces of paper used had to be individually typed by someone for the film which must have driven them a bit mad!

ha - just noticed a typo in the picture above!

My Grandma

A couple of people asked to see some photographs of my Nan after my recent post about the calendar i'm making for her 80th birthday, and I just had to share this picture of her waterskiing! Isn't it amazing! I will post more photos later on..

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

My Cherry Red Bicycle!

Last Sunday was another lovely sunny autumnal day so I decided to take my new red bike for a ride down by the canal. I bought it a few months ago from a fruit and veg shop (!) here in Nottingham and it's so pleasant and relaxing to ride, unlike my old mountain bike that I've had since I was a teenager, which is getting rather clunky.

[proud parent..]

On my ride I also encountered 3 new strangers for my 50 Strangers photo project. I've now taken pictures of 25 people, so I'm halfway through! Yay.

Bianca's Journal

This week I received Bianca's Journal, which has been travelling to different people round the world since November last year. The pages inside are all filled with things related to mail or post. For my pages I went on a little walk to the postbox, documented in photos above [click to enlarge!]. I will be sending the journal back to its Australian home soon! I hope you like it B!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Journal Pages...

To accompany the photos in the last post here are a couple of scans from my sketchbook, drawn mainly at Alton Towers, (do many people go there and just draw things?!) and a couple of polaroids taken near the farm we stayed at (click to enlarge! The picture bottom right was by Tom.)


Four Get Lost in the Countryside

Here are some photos from the Peak District the other week. We got a little lost but we saw...



Little piggies!

A secret tunnel.. where it goes nobody knows..

A fun zipwire...

And the cosiest room to curl up in after all the excitement was over.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

You spin me right round, baby..

During our trip to the Peak District we went to Chatsworth house, in Derbyshire. We didn't actually venture into the house though, we went to the adventure playground instead! I made a little animation of me and Tom on the trampoline (note i am certainly no animator! but it was fun!)...


Thursday, 21 October 2010

Good mail days

This week i got an assortment of exciting things through the post:

1. A bundle from my Nan, (above) which included heaps of old photos of her throughout the decades. I'm making her a calendar for her 80th birthday in November, so I'm scanning some of these photos for it. It's been fun looking through them and seeing what she did from the 1930s up the the present day!

2. A lovely letter from Erika and a polaroid too (i love getting polaroids through the post!)

3. Bianca's Travelling Journal Bianca sent this to its first participant a whole year ago! And it's finally made it's way to me. The pages inside are all mail/post- themed, and are oh-so beautifully decorated. I'm really looking forward to filling in my pages and posting it back to Bianca!

Bianca also included this mail-themed mix cd inside the journal!

4. Make Yourself Happy comic book This is Lucy Knisley's latest book which I ordered a few weeks ago from her website. I quite like the title.

Recently I wrote my very first guest post for the wonderful The Art of Staying Up All Night, about my favourite comic shop Page 45 for her series on amazing bookshops around the world. Have a looky here! They've just launched a new website which looks really good and includes a section you can fill in to get personalised comic book recommendations!

[Andrea is always on the lookout for other bookshop submissions, so if you know of a good one just get in touch.]

Film Thursday: The Social Network

Last night I watched the new film about Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook and how it became a global success. It was really interesting seeing how Facebook grew from a site for Harvard students to an international website that everyone seems to be on now. Unfortunately most of the people in the film got on my nerves (and Zuckerberg himself doesn't come across well at all!).

Justin Timberlake's acting was impressive though! I really recognised the person who played Zuckerberg's friend, played by Andrew Garfield (above on the left) and a quick search on imdb revealed he played the geeky but sweet Tom in Sugar Rush (did anyone used to watch that on Channel 4?! hehe) .. and is now up for playing the new Spiderman which is quite bizarre! Oh and I also found out the twins in this film were actually played by the same actor. (I like imdb!)


Tuesday, 19 October 2010



I had a lovely time in the Peak District last week (and Alton Towers!) and will share some of my photos and drawings soon. But first I wanted to post some photos I took a couple of weeks ago on 10/10/10. After looking through some of my favourite photographer' photos taken upon that day (see them here) I thought it'd be nice to share some of my own too.

These were taken near my boyfriend's mum's house in Cambridgeshire, on the sunniest day we've had in ages as we walked past a canal, stopped off for a drink and saw the most amazing caterpillar on the way back. It was a perfect Sunday!








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