Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Old Photos

I've finally started scanning in pages for my Polaroid Zine (the one I started some months ago!).. so while I had the scanner up and running I decided to scan in some old photos from my dad's album, taken of my parents in the late 70's. Looking at these photos makes me really happy. My mother died when i was younger which makes the photos even more special to me. I love seeing the clothes she wore and getting a glimpse into what my parents were doing at my age.

I also love the fact they are square shaped and the colours are so unique - I told my dad that these days people actually buy apps to apply these old-fashioned effects to photos to age them. Nothing beats the real thing though.



  1. So lovely. The photos look really lovely, so sorry to hear about your mum.

  2. Lovely photos, everyone looks very happy! So nice to see your mum and dad (they're probably your age there?) Xxg

  3. Oh my, these are so nice! It's so strange that you can get effects like that on digital cameras nowadays - iphone pictures that look as if they were taken 20 years ago are just strange.

    I got your card(s!) today, they made me super happy, thank you so much! That cat is the best thing ever and reminds me of my strange cat. I'll send something back very soon.

  4. I love my old family photos of that era too, what was with our fathers facial hair?
    And the cars! Oh The Cars!


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