Monday, 27 September 2010

My Cameras: No 1

As a few other people have recently posted about their camera collections, this week I thought I'd share some photos of mine too! Starting off with my most recent one, won in a competition hosted by the lovely Adeline.

1. Polaroid 340 Land Camera (cost: £0!)

I've only just learnt how to open up this camera so I've not got around to trying it out properly yet. But I'm really excited as it uses peel-apart film and Kate kindly informed me you can purchase Fuji film for it pretty cheaply. (Although I'm not sure if it will need a new battery, and if they are still available still or not.) If anyone has any tips, let me know!



  1. ohhh, this is so pretty! Adeline is lovely :)

    It takes 100 type right? You can buy that from the impossible project for quite cheap as well I think...

    I cant wait to see more of your cameras - I really need to organise mine now!

  2. You can also get in touch with cesar(a)thedeadformat(dot)com He's gold when it comes to tips about polaroids. Tell him I sent you! :)


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