Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Bank Holiday in Norfolk

Packing the essentials!

At the end of August me and a group of friends headed on a little trip to the Norfolk coast. We stayed at a lovely eco-hostel called Deepdale Backpacker's Hostel. It all seems strangely long ago now!

Not very clear but we went on a boat trip to see hundreds of seals.

Beach huts on Wells Beach

It was so windy on the beach, we didn't stay for long!


  1. yeay for Norfolk! It does seem such a long time ago now though, I agree.

    You know, after living there for 10 years, I've never taken a boat to see the seals, I bet it was lovely :)

  2. It was good! Except it was a bit rainy and we got quite a few slposhes of water in our little boat but it was fun despite that!

  3. This looks so fun - a beach weekend is always a good idea. Funnily enough I've stayed at Deepdale too- such a great place! Also, I spy owls!


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