Monday, 16 August 2010

Paris Fisheyes

I got my roll of film developed yesterday taken with my Lomo Fisheye 2.. here are a few photos from around Paris.



  1. oh wow, I'm totally in love with these - the photos always turn out better with the fisheye camera than the holga fisheye lens. the second photo is wonderful.

  2. Really great pics! (btw: You and Tom should start a band and use that fisheye pic as official band photo!)

  3. hehe! we don't normally look quite like that but it is a fun photo, i like how small our feet are too :D

  4. I love the way they turned out. Such a great effect and a new way to view Paris

  5. i love these. i agree with the band photo comment as well. also the one where the guy's kicking the ball is phenomenal. now i want a fisheye camera!


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