Monday, 23 August 2010

My new bicycle!

Here's a couple of Fuji Instax pictures of my new (yet old) red bike! It's lots of fun to ride and it has a cool square basket! Am finding the Fuji instant photos to be a little unfocussed and not quite as good as dear old Polaroids. But they're a cheap and fun replacement for now anyway! (I still have hope that the Impossible Project will make proper colour film thats not uber-expensive at some point!) Will take clearer pics when it's a bit less rainy!


  1. where did you get your little camera from? :)

  2. Got it from ebay :) Think it was about £25/£30ish, can't quite remember. The films are about a fiver if you buy them in bulk from ebay too. I'll post a pic of the camera when i get time!

  3. hehe what a cool bike! do you have any close ups of it yet?

    I think the instax mini photos look allright! You can always use your good camera for real photography, and the instax for fun :)


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