Tuesday, 17 August 2010

More Photos of Paris..

So below is the view from the apartment we stayed in, found on AirBnB.. it's owned by a fashion designer who lives in Montmartre in the loveliest flat on the top floor of a very Amelie/Science of Sleep type of building. We'd never used the site before; it's a little like couch-surfing meaning you can choose to stay in local people's homes but you pay through the site for your own room. It was definitely a good way to see Paris from the eyes of a local, but it was a little strange sometimes as we couldn't quite relax in case we left anything untidy and her father was actually staying there while she was away and kept talking in French to us which was hard to understand!

Caroline's lovely flat

Yay found a photobooth!

People look like ants from the Eiffel Tower!

I also took some polaroids and made a little travel journal which I'll hopefully scan some pages from soon.


  1. paris looks awesome. that photo of the eiffel tower reflection in his sunglasses rules.

  2. This is exactly why I just adore Paris!! All your photographs look stunning as always! xx

  3. Great photos. I think the first one is especially cool as it looks like the Eiffel Tower is growing on top of the building!


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