Friday, 20 August 2010

Bad things v Good things

Good stuff this week:

  • The lovely vintage red bicycle I just put a (£5!) desposit on, bought from a local fruit & veg shop! Hurray!
  • Sushi-making tomorrow evening
  • Watching The 'Burbs again curled up with a lovely boy and strawberry trifle (Can't beat Corey Feldman and 80's Tom Hanks!)
  • Trip to Manchester this weekend
  • A lovely Fajita meal cooked by my housemate on Wednesday
  • My Fuji Instax-Mini films arriving finally! Woo! (Will share photos soon..)
  • The fact it is Friday!

Bad things:

  • Endless rain..
  • The end of Summer..?
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend x

1 comment

  1. I love the favourite movie when I want a laugh :)


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