Thursday, 8 July 2010

Top movie characters

Okay this is probably a slightly ridiculous topic but just for the hell of it i've decided to post a film character i like every week, starting off with Sam from Benny & Joon... (just 'cos i watched it this week. He hides up trees. And he irons his toast. Has anyone ever tried this?!)



  1. dude. this is a really good idea. i can't believe i haven't seen this yet. especially after my high school johnny depp obsession. i'm glad you're liking it. apparently that postcard was a famous photo. when i saw it in the store i fell in love with it, but i had never seen it before in my life. so yes, hurray!

  2. You should watch it! Yeah the other week we watched Gilbert Grape, another Johnny Depp classic.

    Ooh i just thought of a new favourite character for next week, woopwoop!


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