Friday, 16 July 2010


Out of all the places I've visited these are the ones I'd like to revisit:

1. Iceland (above) is just so beautiful.

2. New York All the photos I took there were on my old computer which broke :( except a couple of polaroids i have left. Polaroids are therefore better than digital photos!

3. Stockholm

4. Amsterdam (going in August, yey!)

5. Paris Also going again in August, can't wait!

6. Barcelona This city has everything - amazing architecture, a beach and the most amazing view of the city from the hills surrounding it.

What places would you revisit given the chance?

[photos by me]


  1. I would re visit Mexico simply for food purposes:) & I really want to see Niagra Falls again but in winter and covered in ice! xo

  2. I would love to revisit:

    1. Japan
    2. Finland
    3. Sweden (i think Gothenberg next)
    4. Denmark

    And the places i really to want to visit next are: Norway, Berlin and Portland (Oregon).

  3. Ooh, great question! I would revisit

    1. Western Canada - Vancouver and Vancouver Island in particular.
    2. New York, New York....
    3. Paris
    4. Norway

    Tiptop of my list of places to visit are: Copenhagen, Japan, and Berlin.

  4. you should totz do new york october/november! meet you there! xo

  5. oh my goodness! your going to Amsterdam! That's great 'cause I was born there and I feel thrilled when people want to go there 'cause of it's beauty!

  6. I'd visit Hong Kong again.


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