Monday, 12 July 2010

London Part 2 - Spitalfields City Farm

Recently I read an entry on Hello Bee's blog about a visit to Spitalfields City Farm in East London. As my housemate is rather obsessed with City Farms we made sure to take a trip there on our visit to London at the weekend. It was an amazing space as it is in a very urban area, and the effort put into the farm was really impressive - hand painted signs, treehouses built from reclaimed wood etc. Would definitely recommend a trip there if you are in the area!



  1. It looks so cute there! I really do have to make a trip soon!

  2. wow...looks like a nice place to explore. I'm envy that you have so much sunshine over there. It has been raining a lot in Tokyo

  3. howw cute! I love those guinea pigs! ^_^ and as always I love your lovely shoes! x


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