Sunday, 11 July 2010

London part 1 - Bust Craftacular & Brick Lane

Yesterday me and my housemate went to the Bust Summer Craftacular, in Bethnal Green. Although the venue was way TOO hot (it was the hottest day of the year so far and everyone was fanning themselves with whatever they could find!) there were some beautiful handmade items on sale. I ended up with a lovely wooden necklace made by Lucie Ellen (who was very patient letting me try lots of different designs as I was so indecisive!) seen in my next post..

Later we went a wander round Brick Lane which was really fun - I've never been there before and the vintage stalls and food hall were ace. Also had a peek inside this 1950s bowling alley which looked really cool. I had a lovely Ethiopian meal at the Food Hall shown below, it was yum!

Got our photos taken at the photobooth in Rough Trade on Brick Lane, hurrah!

Tired out on the train back..


  1. Mmm, injera, yum! All looks so much fun - and yep, yesterday was scorching boiling baking melting wilting HOT.

  2. Ooh is that what the pancake meal is called? Thanks :)it was all delicious!

  3. babushka cushions! babushions!


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