Monday, 5 July 2010

Good Mail Days

A name card from Sharni

I had a couple of amazing parcels recently, thanks to Sharni and Erika! it's all so beautiful!

The latest frankie hurrah! I devoured it over the weekend... Thanks so much Sharni.

Awesome package from Erika that arrived today! So much loveliness. Look at this embroidery!

And a mix cd! I shall stick it on my car stereo tomorrow morning!

Can't wait to read Love is a MixTape, it's been on my wishlist for ages.

A sweet mirror, packet of Blackjack and Elvis postcard from Memphis. Thank you so much Erika!



  1. Wow loads of goodies there!

    That cd looks amazing! It all does!

  2. That mixcd looks so cool & I have been wanting to read that book too! I'm glad you liked my parcel :)

  3. HURRAY!!!! i'm glad you liked it. i forgot to include another small thing i got you in memphis so i packed it with your letter which is also on the way. that other package is super neat too. everyone keeps saying that magazine is so good that now even i'm curious to check it out. too bad it's probably hard to find here. or if borders has it it will be insanely expensive.

  4. amazing-ness!!!
    the cd looks fab! plus, such wonderful gifts.
    did you ever get my letter in the end?
    hope all is good. :)


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