Thursday, 24 June 2010

A Travelling Journal..

image by emilie boudet

I have recently become a little occupied by looking at artist's journals and thought it'd be really lovely to send out a travelling journal round the globe to various folks asking them to write or draw a page about their day and then compare results..

The rules:

Just draw or write a little account of what happened to you the day you receive the journal through the post. Then just post it onto the next person (you have to really promise to pass it on! ;) When the journal's finished its journey it gets sent home to me and I will scan in the pages and show you lovely folks the results. I shall start it off!

Does anyone want in?

EDIT: Entries now closed for the time being thanks :)


  1. SO IN!

    i'ma reblog too. xo

  2. Ooo I'd love to be in if it makes it's way to lil' ol' NZ! Email is

  3. I'M SO IN! I'm very excited! My journal is still travelling (and hopefully not lost). I've been considering starting up another one, but it's hard sending them off and knowing you may never see it again. Regardless, SO IN! teacup_teacup [at]

  4. SO SO IN!

  5. oooo yeah I'd be up for that.

  6. i love this

  7. It would be really awesome! I'm in. :)

  8. Hi! I just stumble upon your blog & love the idea of this travelling journal project. I would love to join if you don't mind.



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