Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Paper Cranes

Okay I've really gotta learn me how to make paper cranes..



  1. ooh origami is so fun!! have you ever read sadako and the thousand paper cranes? that was one of my faves when i was really little!!

  2. Molly- i'd not heard of it but just read up about the book - it's really sad she died before completing 1000. Will have to track down a copy of it, thanks!

  3. They are actually not that difficult! I made one the other day, these are lovely though, it's neat when you have different sizes of paper so the cranes are different sizes. For some reason I've fallen in love with origami a bit lately, it's fun to make while you watch tv or something.

  4. Me too! I remember they are quite easy to make compared to other origamis. I actually want a paper crane flock for my room too! xo


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