Monday, 21 June 2010

Mail and things

Here's some post I've been sending out lately...

A letter, mix cd and embroidery sent to Erika..

A letter for Sharni as part of our magazine swap, to be sent out soon! (Brodie yours won't be long either!)

And yay, I made my first paper crane! (With the aid of a handy online video!) This was made from scrap paper but I'll make better, prettier ones soon!

I bought some lovely new nail varnish from Topshop - mainly for the pretty packaging! Ahh..


  1. i loved what you sent me. where did you get the stamps you used for the cd title?

  2. I bought them off etsy :)

  3. I've heard about the topshop nail varnish, was it any good?

    I love the embroidery!

  4. aiiieeee the new issue of frankie arrived in my mailbox today and and and...the poster is a picture of a sewing machine with "make do and mend" over it!


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