Tuesday, 22 June 2010

An evening ride

This week has been so sunny and warm, so tonight i took a cycle through the area I live in, which looks lovely as the sun goes down.

I love eating summer food on the balcony!

When i got home Rosie was lolling around on my bed..


  1. that seems like the perfect summer evening!! what a cute kitty :-)

  2. Your cat is simply adorable and I love the pictures with the bike in it, really good ones.
    I stayed in the UK for 10 years and never managed to visit Nottingham, I should one day! it looks very nice.

  3. Nottingham looks so nice in summertime! I love the bike shots xo

  4. these are so lovely! i've been asking around some bloggers with good pictures/cameras: what kind is yours? i haven't owned a digital in over 5 years and have just used an analog slr, my holga and polaroid but i am looking to scrounge some $$$ for one from the parents for my birthday. i'm so uninformed.

  5. Mine is a Nikon D40 and it's a great starter DSLR! :)

  6. so nice and cozy all the way around! Pretty kitty


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