Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Stitching Mini Me's

"Stitch London has teamed up with London’s Science Museum to create a Stitch Yourself exhibit for the re-opening of their Who Am I? gallery in June 2010. You are invited to contribute a tiny Stitched Self and take part in scientific stitching history."
[-from the Stitch London website]

Well last week me and some friends started making our own Mini Me's... here are the results so far! If you want to participate too and make your own stitched or knitted mini version of yourself, just visit the
website here!

Laura is knitting hers.. quite a challenge!

Mine started off resembling a gingerbread man..

Still need to finish the clothes! Mine's on the left but I prefer Katrina's on the right with her rosy cheeks! Funny how different ours came out despite following the same instructions..


  1. these are sooo cute! how wonderful!! :)

  2. i'm going to send one in too! what a great idea!

  3. This is SO cute! I love making dolls like that! I remember I made some rag dolls when I was in primary school! It's lovely! :)


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