Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I am now the proud owner of my very first copy of Frankie Magazine, courtesy of the wonderful Jennifer! I received this brilliant package today including the mag, a candle and other pretty items, thank you so much Jennifer! I am excited about sending your reply too! Oh I do love getting post.

I love these quotes included in the package!



  1. aww jennifer sent me a frankie too! love it!! i think we should swap some mail sometime too!! i'm on a break from sending mail though until schools out cuz i'm so busy but let me know if you're interested!!

    xo tiffany

  2. ps, you can see my necklace in this post! :)

  3. Awwh I am SO thrilled you received my mail & that you love it all! I made it extra special for you! Hope everything made you smile & HURRAH for your very first Frankie mag! How are you liking it? hehe sip cups of tea whilst flicking through each page, all the articles, photographs, illustrations are so perfect & the poster is extra cute too! :) I'm happy you like the quote card I made for you with my typewriter hehe! Can't wait for your reply! *yay*

    much love,

    Jennifer. x

  4. i totally take for granted how easy it is to get frankie here in australia- i've been buying it since i saw its 2nd issue when i was 14, and have every copy since. i also have a couple extra copies of one particular issue, which i'd love to send to a lovely lady blogger who'd appreciate it...

  5. I subscribed to Frankie for my birthday this year... and you should not take this lovely mag forgranted since girls like me on the other side of the world have to pay into the triple digits for it!

    Still don't regret it though!


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