Tuesday, 27 April 2010

A list.

Inspired by Hula Seventy's lists, I decided to make one of my own!

Things I'm looking forward to this year!

1. Spending more time in parks with friends! (See above!)

2. ATP curated by Pavement

I've never been to an ATP so I'm excited about this one. Not to mention it's near a beach and there's a waterpark included, yay!

3. Seeing Flight of the Conchords live next month

Excited to see Brett and Jermaine on stage!

4. Possible seaside trips now I have a car again!

This picture was taken in Ilfracombe in Devon last August!

5. End of the Road Festival

It was so good last year and this year also looks great, with Yo La Tengo playing their only UK festival date!

6. More canal boating later this year!

If all goes to plan the crew of the Endeavour will take to the canals again!


  1. ATP is amazing!! You will love it :) its my favourite place ever! We're going to the Matt Groening one and I can't wait :)

    End of the Road looks really good as well - great line up! Looks like you have a great year ahead!

  2. Flight of the Conchords! wow, I really want to see them :D have fun, your list is amazing!

    - Michelle
    LÉS Mm


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