Thursday, 1 April 2010

The Craft Off!

On Sunday evening me and some friends went to the Craft Off, an event held at the Malt Cross here in Nottingham. It's organised by Donna from Spinster's Emporium and involves different teams being given various crafty items and a brief which must be completed within a few hours.

It was lots of fun and the first brief was to make GIANT origami.. see our efforts below (I made a bird, above, and Ian made a whale!) Afterwards they were all hung on pieces of string from the balcony.

The final brief was to make something based on April Fool's Day Pranks. However we didn't really read the brief properly and ended up choosing to recreate the Moon Landing (which could've been faked, right?!) which involved making an astronaut outfit, a video camera and boom mike.. We didn't win in the end but we did get a special mention for our onstage performance hehe.



  1. That looks like so much fun! I want to also go to a craft show like that, it seems swell indeed! :) Great photos!


  2. Hi, I really enjoy following your blog and I'm glad The Craft Off has been featured! I'm afraid that we at Nottingham Craft Mafia can't take credit for the big night though...

    We are so very proud to support such a fantastic event such as the Craft Off but the big thanks must really go to Donna from Spinster's Emporium! She's an amazingly busy lady and we simply must give her the credit where it's due for such a fun evening!

    Looking forward to the next one in May :)

  3. Thanks I'll amend that now!

  4. Love it! I wanna recreate the moon landing. Looks awesome. But the original wasn't fake it was REAL!


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