Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Canalboating in the sunshine...

I had an amazing time on a canal boating weekend.. here's a few photos (that make me wish i was back on the boat.. booh.)



  1. Oh yay! I love water in any form! And those shoes are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. This looks like too much fun. I love the idea of hanging out on the water with a cuppa!

  3. These photos are just beautiful L! I love everything, and a day out with mates is always a lovely day indeed! Oh your package is almost finished, I'm just writing your letter & also need to buy stamps & it shall be on it's way to you very soon! I did all of your mail tag as well! it was super fun! heheh! Will let you know when it's on it's way to you! P.S. Oh Frankie was really hard to find a copy of this month, not sure why! But maybe a lot of people are starting to buy it now aye! But thankfully I found a perfect copy for you in town! Oh my your package is looking rather full & lovely, can't wait to send it to you!


  4. Lovely photos ! I really want to do this, I have been thinking about it the past week!


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