Thursday, 29 April 2010

Another list..

I recently read an article in Frankie about good romantic/comedy films that aren't rubbish.. and each of their choices was already one of my favourites! So I thought I'd list them along with some others I'd recommend if you like romantic films that are actually good without being cheesy...

1 Say Anything
(picture above)
John Cusack was the king in the 80s! Definitely one to watch if you've not seen it yet.

2. Amelie

A classic, of course. I love how the object of her affections is a little bit kooky and weird.

3 Before Sunrise

Julie Delpy is just lovely. Really makes me want to go inter-railing around Europe!

[Edit: I also wanted to add 2 Days in Paris which I really liked too! Stars Delpy & Adam Goldberg and it's pretty funny)

4. In Search of a Midnight Kiss

Don't let the title of this put you off - I saw this by chance at a free screening and was really impressed. A bit like Before Sunrise but shot in LA on a tiny budget - Scoot McNairy's my new favourite actor. Who hasn't been in anything good since..

5. Annie Hall

One of Woody's finest!

...Any I missed?


  1. In a similar vein to Say Anything I had a real thing for "Some kind of wonderful" back in the day, but I don't know how it's aged... since I've aged.

    Chasing Amy
    Harold and Maude
    Not sure Eternal Sunshine counts

    (I keep forgetting the comedy bit, nearly added True Romance)

    And I like the new breed.
    - 40 year old virgin
    - Forgetting Sarah Marshall
    - Knocked up

    I just did a search to jog my memory. And found this list: With Love Actually in there. That movie sucks seven shades of shite.

  2. Love Actually IS awful! Good choices there, I really want to watch Harold & Maude and Some Kind of Wonderful!

  3. I remember reading that article in Frankie hehe good to know Frankie is doing you well darl! ;)

    I love all of those movies expect I haven't seen the last two which i def will now :D


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