Sunday, 25 April 2010

All in the mix

Rosie being cute..

This weekend was lovely and sunny, and I went for a drive in my new car [which has a CD player as opposed to a tapedeck like my old one], so I was happily listening to some mix CD's made for me by various folks including Bianca, Adeline and Erika. I have now completed my CD's for Tiffany's Mix CD Swap too (they're for Molly Yeh, as seen below!) I am posting them tomorrow, along with my giveaway winner's parcel! Can't wait to get some new mix CD's back too, yey.

St George's Day celebrations in the Market Square

The winner's package!

CD's for the swap!


  1. Any shot Rosie would make it in the mail to my house? I could put her ridiculous cuteness to good use!

  2. ohmygoodness i just can't wait!!! bahhh!!!!

    i'm so so sorry but mine are going to be a few days late :-( i'm experiencing technical difficulties (it's been YEARS since i burnt a cd). but i will have them out in a few days!!


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