Monday, 22 March 2010

These are a few of my favourite things..

Inspired by the lovely Jennifer's recent post about her room, here are a few photos from my own of my favourite things... (above is my Polaroid camera Taz! Best charity shop find ever!)

[Oh and also wanted to say hello to any new readers and thank you for all your lovely comments recently too!]

My Suitcase (inherited from an ex, this suitcase weighs a ton but is more special to me because of the elliott smith stickers )

My polaroid heart (showing all my favourite people)

My art wall! (I keep changing what goes on here from week to week!)

My typewriter (which i'm just about to type some new letters on!)

A poster I bought from the Katten Kabinet cat museum in Amsterdam


  1. I love all of your things, esecially still the Taz polaroid. I'm going to have to kee my eye out for a typewriter I think :)

  2. You have some really awesome things. I love your art wall.

  3. Also, that suitcase rules!

  4. Clearly your room is adorable! I love the suitcase, the polaroids and the typewriter!

  5. Great post! Love Elliot Smith, and loved seeing my day diagram on your wall :P Your latest letter was a beauty.

  6. Awwwh thanks for the mention darl!! Your room looks fabulous! I love it & I especially love your art wall where I can see my illustration I drew for you on there *shucks* hehehe! Love the suitcase also & your typewriter is so lovely! x

  7. I really like your blog :)

  8. i love this whole post!!

    xo tiffany

  9. You not only have the best Polaroid camera in the world, but it doubles as the best Charity Shop find ever!
    I am so envious...


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