Monday, 15 March 2010

I heart tea

Really like this teacup! Too bad it's out of stock, pricey and unavailable in the uk ;)


  1. that teacup is amazing!
    hey!--just in reply to your comment, the art exchange is you sending one piece of art and getting 36 back. you need to be able to find 6 people to take part. :)
    as for the polaroid zine, i will have a look for my fav one. :)

    ooh i have been reading lots and lots of your old posts, your blog is simply wonderful! i am in love! i would love to get a letter from you in the post! your cartoons are really good!
    its really interesting looking at your blog as i used to live in nottingham when i went to uni.
    you are fab!--keeping being fab!
    nicola xx

  2. oh i would love to swap art and bits and pieces with you! :) sounds fun!
    heres my email;


  3. I know it's not quite the same but:

  4. oh yes that is cute and a whole lot cheaper :)

  5. that is so cute! i love your blog ^_^
    i saw your comics & mail sent to jennifer {make tea not war} and i am in love with them!

    xo tiffany

    have a fantastic weekend!

  6. I love it too! Its so pretty ! :)

    I gave you a blog award! hurrah! Check it out @


  7. Oooh yes do do a post of your fav things in your room and I can't wait to see your new kitty! :) annnnnnd I'm excited about the swap also! I'm buying your Frankie magazine this Tuesday! and I'm working on your reply hurrah! :)

  8. that teacup is simply divine, oh how I havent been drinking tea lately. Just looking at that pictures makes me wanna hehe. I love your blog, I remember dropping by a long long time ago. Glad your still around :D


  9. This is one of the best pictures :)

    Love your blog xx


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