Monday, 22 February 2010

New Polaroid Cameras...

Interesting to see some new designed Polaroid cameras in production, to be available later this year (for quite a hefty price tag.. apparently under $100, which seems a lot when you can find old ones in charity shops for less than £10..) Am just hoping this means the films will be available soon, but I'm a bit worried they'll be really pricey as well! I quite like the wood design on the one below but I still prefer the old ones! via here



  1. Oh my gosh. Your blog is so cute! I'll be reading it on a regular basis now!

  2. They're so pretty, but I can't believe they're going to be so expensive. Before the film ran out a new one would cost $40 at the most. As for your question I'll only be in Memphis for 11 days. I don't know anyone there, but I just really fell in love with the city through other people.

  3. These are gorgeous! I can't wait to get my snap-happy hands on them! :)

  4. oh these are really cool! im gonna have to keep my eye open for one

  5. Ohhh these are so lovely !! I have to get me hands on these babies hehe !!

    I am currently working on your reply! Shall send it off to you soon, (been busy) then we can sort out this magazine swap !


  6. Those cameras are really interesting. I am still more inclined towards an oldie, but they're beautifully designed. And thank you so much for the typewriter advice - you're a lifesaver! I am now happily exclaiming all over the place! (!!!)


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