Monday, 15 February 2010

Comic Artist Jeffrey Brown's Chicago tips

I'm sure I've mentioned my love for Jeffrey Brown's comics at some point before. He's written some of my favourites including Clumsy, Unlikely and Every Girl is the End of the World for Me. Anyway as I am currently planning a possible trip to Chicago in June, me and Tom decided to email Mr Brown with a little comic we drew last weekend asking him for any tips, sights to see etc.

And he replied!

Here's an excerpt from his email about places to visit in Chicago:

'As for places you should check out, you absolutely must visit Quimbys - - one of the best comics shops in the world. Millenium Park and the Art Institute of Chicago are both well worth visiting. I'd also recommend the Field Museum, but that may be just because my son Oscar likes going there to see the dinosaurs so I really like it there lately. I'm not a baseball fan, but seeing a baseball game at Wrigley Field is always a worthwhile experience for a fun afternoon. As for shows (as well as other Chicago happenings and info) check out the Chicago Reader's website. It's a free weekly paper here, and you should pick one up while you're here too:

Good venues are Double Door, Schubas, Subterranean, Vic, Lincoln Hall, Aragon...
And oh yeah, McSweeney's has a store to visit too, fairly close to Quimbys (you'll also find Myopic the used book store, Earwax Cafe, and Reckless Records nearby)
Hope that helps, have a great trip!
Thanks Jeffrey!! I hope our trip goes to plan :-)

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  1. I have been dying to read one of his comics. I have one on hold at the library. I didn't know he lived here! If you do come to Chicago I hope you like it here. Unfortunately in June I'll be in Memphis. Otherwise I'd love to meet up for a day and show you guys some neat places.


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