Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Amongst my Christmas gifts I recieved this comic book about Laika, the first dog in Space. Laika was sent into orbit in 1957 and because the mission was rushed out in a month the spaceship wasn't designed to fly back and so Laika died a few hours after take off. The book is definitely worth a read to gain an insight into the politics involved in the Russian vs American space missions and learn the story of a sweet little dog who was unaware of her place in the space race.


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  1. Laika died for the "good" of Russian capitalism. After it, many Laika died, and many may die again. NASA plans to do more animal testing to measure space radiation on humans in a future exploration to Mars. I am opposed to send humans anywhere in space, at least in this century. Robots can do this job very well without Laika and without families of astronauts burned in the atmosphere. If they do not perfectly now, will do so soon. I favor the creation of an NGO that works on top of that argument: "Robots yes, animals do not!


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