Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Interview with Gemma Correll - part 1

I can't remember where I first spotted Gemma Correll's illustration work but it seems to keep popping up on all my favourite websites. I love her naive and humorous style, and her pictures of cute pugs and kittens always cheer me up on a dull day! Read on for Part 1 of the interview!

How did you get started as an illustrator?

I studied Graphic Design, specialising in Illustration, at the Norwich School of Art and Design. After I graduated, I was lucky enough to get a couple of freelance jobs and just went from there really. I knew that I wanted to be an "Illustrator" from a young age- before I even knew the term. I just knew that I wanted to draw pictures and maybe write stories, too. I've been full-time freelancing for 2 years now.

What has been your favourite project to date?

I love doing self-initiated projects, like my daily diary series (see above). In terms of commissioned work, I had a lot of fun recently doing some drawings for Fred Flare- I illustrated some E-cards for them, featuring a girl called Bee (and her Pug) in Fred Flare outfits. I'm also working on some fun designs at the moment but I can't say exactly what they are yet!

Whats the best and worst thing about working in illustration?
The best thing is being my own boss... it's also the worst thing! While it's great that I can (pretty much) make my own hours, take holidays when I want to (although I usually end up working when I'm on holiday) and sit at home eating biscuits all day, it is also very tricky to manage my time. I try to be organised and work "set" hours but you can't plan creativity, I'll often have my best ideas at 2am and consequently end up working 14 + hours a day. I work at weekends too. It's partly necessity because I have lots of work on and lots of admin-y stuff to do like package orders etc and partly because I'm just rubbish and knowing when to stop.

- Thank you Gemma! Part 2 will be up tomorrow, when we'll find out where Gemma finds her inspiration from!

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  1. This is a great interview! i want to add it to my tumblr to link you, if that's okay!

    I love how you do it in parts! Great job!


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