Saturday, 14 November 2009

Fairy lights!

I was inspired by this lovely blog to get some fairy lights for my bed and I love how cosy it looks now.


  1. Awh! I love it - it looks so dreamy & cute!! Hehehe, I bet it makes you feel like your in wonderland whilst you snooze!!

    (Oh I've been so busy, haven't had a chance to do a blog post!! Eek, shall do one real soon!)

    Hope you're having a fabulous week!

    xx Jennifer.

  2. Naww, fairy lights make everything look mysterious. The blog you linked to is lovely (as is yours).
    I think with the journal site it says that some of the journals still "open" for sign ups but they've already reached their capacity of people signing up. It's a bit confusing. I think the website could probably be made more user friendly, but it's still a wonderful concept :) I'd be honoured if you'd like to join my journal miss.

  3. I love it. Christmas time is almost here... maybe I could stole some of those lights, I always loved it but never did it, why? Laziness? hum.. The blog you linked it's absolutely amazing!

    By the way, greetings from Portugal ^^


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