Friday, 9 October 2009

New Comic - French Milk

I forgot I'd ordered this off Amazon and it arrived today.. i'm halfway through and really enjoying it so far. French Milk is a comic by Lucy Knisley, written on a 6 week trip to Paris with her mother a couple of years ago. There's lots of places that I recognise inside, and it has inspired me to draw more on my next trip away (Berlin next week! Yay)..



  1. Thanks for sharing! Looks beautiful. I'm having a look at her website now.

  2. I have this comic and I still haven't started it for some reason. I originally bought it on impulse a long time ago because it was so pretty that I had to have it. I'm glad it's actually interesting as well.

  3. the aus dollar is not so terrible this week so i might purchase, the illustrations are lovely!

  4. p.s. i just looked online for the book, and this place has free shipping!


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