Sunday, 27 September 2009

My typewriter!

As I went home this weekend I decided to bring my typewriter back to Nottingham.. here it is! As you can see the font is unusual, a 70s style font?! I just started typing a letter on it but then the ribbon seemed to stop working, and I really need to wind it on but have forgotten how to open the case! If any typewriter experts are reading this let me know! (It's probably simple!)

I also brought back a few records I'd forgotten I had!



  1. The font looks beautiful!

  2. Blondie? Hurrah!

    I live in Nottingham while at uni but left my type writer at home so that it doesn't distract me from 'real' work. My favourite thing is the noises it makes.

  3. ooh! i've never seen one with cursive/scripty font! fantastic! i typewrite letters all the time, even though that stuck up emily post says not to. bah humbug to her!

  4. This post is so great. You have no idea. I love all of your posts and that's why I gave you an award over at my blog.

  5. What a lovely font! I've never anything like that on a typewriter before. I wish ribbons were easily available here, are they easy to find in the UK?

  6. This is a great font. I have 5 around the house, but none are 70's-ish, but I will say it looks like you can just lift the top and pick up the ribbon. Hope it helps!

  7. Diana- Yes i worked it out, oops :) (I thought there'd be a button to release it or something!)

    Teacup - I think you can still get the ribbons from certain places here yep, though my aunt bought me this typewriter and ribbon a few years ago so will have to find out where the ribbons were from! x

  8. Wow that font is amazing! Was that just how the machine types or was something added? Actually thinking this through sensibly it must just be the machine. V jealous!

  9. Where did you find this typewriter ? I have never seen one with a handwritten style typeface before. Very unusual indeed. Lets us know where you found it! :)

    Many thanks,



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