Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Mix CD's!

Hello, thanks to everyone who signed up for the CD swap! I have 9 people altogether now, and just need 1 more to make things even, so if anyone else wants in say now! I will get in touch with everyone who's signed up and swap you and your partner's details soon. (I might request a tape instead of a CD from my partner as I just bought a car with a tape-deck in it!)

UPDATE: I now have 11 people for the CD swap, hurrah!

Here are the swappees: 1. Hannah 2. Diana 3. Lorra 4. Daydream Lily 5. Esther Lee 6. Diane 7. Adeline 8. Allie 9. Justnoey and 10. Me! 11. E

I will email you all soon with instructions for the swap :-)



  1. hey Milly, I realized I might have forgotten to put down my email when I first signed up - it's allie at everygirlblog dot com. thanks!

  2. Sounds like fun! I'm up for it. But I doubt I'll be able to create a mixed tape! Dunno where I'll get a tape recorder from?

  3. Don't worry Justnoey - it's a cd swap really, i can copy my cd onto tape for the car afterwards! ;-)

  4. Drat! I had just signed up too. Hopefully you have another swap soon.

  5. I don't mind sending 2.

    My email is:



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