Friday, 31 July 2009

Mix CD Swap!

I have discovered some brilliant bands through various friends sending me mix cd's and tapes over the years; Modest Mouse, Of Montreal and Tanya Donelly to name a few. I am in need of some new music at the moment, so I decided it'd be great to organise a mix-cd swap through this blog. If you would like to participate just leave a comment below and I will get one organised!

Part of the fun for me is making the cd covers, above are a few I have been given by generous folk in the past few years.



  1. Yes please. Mixed CDs. I'm IN.

  2. yes please!!!! oh I know some people who would like to join. btw my favourite part is making the covers!! I like to do a collage :)

  3. Yay collages are indeed great! Feel free to let others know too :)

  4. Cool, I'd love to swap cd's. I too need some new music (:

  5. I was pointed to your blog through Diana. I would love to do this, so please count me in!

  6. Sounds so fun!!! Love mix CDs. I'm in :)


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