Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The Impossible Project: Save the Polaroid

My friend Sarah with some heart badges i made for Valentine's Day

I took some more polaroids a few weeks ago at my birthday cheese night. Though now I'm really aware of the fact I only have 2 films left, and I need to use them wisely as Polaroid stopped their production last year. However after some research today I discovered a project, entitled the Impossible Project, which was founded by ex Polaroid employees who aim to start up a new production plant to make the films available again. More info is on the website here.

I really hope they succeed as it'd be such a shame to lose the instant magic of watching your photos develop in a matter of minutes. You can buy t-shirts to fund the project as well, pictured below.



  1. Yes, let's hope it returns!

  2. I miss my Polaroid. I wonder where it is. I gotta find it.

  3. Find it and find some film before it's too late ;)


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