Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Favourite Childhood Illustrators : Shirley Hughes

I just got back from the Drawing Club where one woman (rather too generously) compared my drawing style to that of Shirley Hughes. When i was a child I loved Dogger, (shown below) as well as Alfie's Feet and various other books by Hughes which remain on my shelf at home to this day.

Hughes' books were the first to illustrate children in real life situations, going about their daily lives. Looking at the pictures reminds me of where I grew up and this makes them even more special!

Hughes says about her stories,
"My books have grown out of real situations with which very small children can identify, perhaps even at an age before they can fully appreciate fairy tales. They are mostly set in a city background - my own part of London to be exact. The domestic details are very local and English, but I hope the themes are fairly universal."


  1. I live in Nottingham! Hello there!

  2. My Naughty Little Sister books were my favourites

  3. My Naughty Little Sister books were good too yep!

    Hi Eireann, have you ever been to the Drawing Club at the Hand & Heart?


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