Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Design Theme: Bicycles

Above: Jules et Jim poster, from Etsy

Just got back from a life drawing class at the Arts Organisation which was good, but i'm so out of practice! I forgot how difficult it is.

Anyway a while ago i posted a Polaroid design theme and decided to do a similar one on the theme of my other love, Bicycles! (Past themes can be found here for tapes and here for polaroids!)

From top: A Grand Day Out necklace, £18.50 from Eclectic Eccentricity Jewellery, Bicycle Stationery Set $25 by SilouetteBlue on Etsy, French Alphabet Print $12 by barkdecor on Etsy, Vintage 60s Bicycle Print Top, £8.99 from ebay, Bicycle Heart Earrings, 6.50 Euros from DaWanda.


  1. I love bikes! Beautifully structured.

  2. I feel like I might need bicycle stationary, that's is pretty gorgeo

  3. hi

    my boyfriend sent me your blog, saying that it reminds him of me.
    i sure like what you have. will be following it closely :=)

  4. Hello, thanks for the comments- Glad everyone is liking the bikes! Now if anyone can find me a cycling helmet that actually looks GOOD i'd love to see it ;)


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