Monday, 26 January 2009

Interview with Jon Burgerman Part 1

Well I'm pleased to announce the Illustrator of the Week this week is none other than top doodler and fellow Nottingham resident Jon Burgerman. In case you haven't seen his work, Jon designs amazing characters and doodles and has done work for some big names including Sony Playstation, Computer Arts and the Science Museum (and has appeared on Blue Peter to top it all off!) I first saw his work in Derby, where he drew a mural outside the Quad building as it was being built, featuring Derby residents (including my aunt, seen below, next to her portrait.) Here is Part 1 of the interview, with Part 2 coming later this week.

Above: Mural outside Quad in Derby

1 How did you get started in illustration?

By accident really - I was asked to come up with some ideas for an album by Charles Webster.
So I did, my work was eventually used and from then on people have asked me to make artwork for them. I'm not much of an illustrator the truth be told. I have the style I work in and if that doesn't fit the job I can't do it.

Above: Jon working on a drawing for the YCN (Young Creative Network)

2 What are your inspirations?

I like music and nature and nature music and music nature. It's a wide scope of inspiration. I like the things everyone says they like. Music, films, comic books, toys, art, books etc.. I also like salads, brightly coloured socks and total silence.

3 What is your favourite personal project to date? I feel like I don't spend as much time working on it as I should but I'm glad it's still around and people still enjoy visiting it from time to time.

- Thanks Jon!


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