Friday, 19 December 2008

Illustrator of the Week: Silja Goetz Interview Part 1

I am once again really excited to publish another interview with a brilliant international artist and illustrator. I first saw Silja Goetz's work in Computer Arts Magazine and since then have regularly checked her website for new pieces as it is always an inspiration to me. Her client list is very impressive, and includes work for Vogue (UK), The New Yorker, EstrellaDamm, Vienna Airport, Bloomingdales, and Nike.

Silja has kindly answered some questions about her work, which will be published over the next few days here on MDAM! In the first part she gives an insight into how she first found clients as a newly qualified illustrator.

How did you get started in illustration?

I studied communication design with an emphasis on illustration. My thesis was a self-published illustrated audio-book, which helped me a lot to get a foot in the door with some magazines, like Cosmopolitan or Elle.

It also was useful for getting me my first regular job as a designer at a magazine called 'Allegra', which was great in many ways. On the one hand I got to do illustrations there from time to time, and on the other hand I gained a lot of insight about what other illustrators and photographers did, how a magazine works, what is expected of a freelance artist, etc.

All very helpful at the point of taking the big step from a nice and comfy 9-to-5-job to the insecurity of full-time freelancing.

In the beginning I showed my book a lot, in Germany and Spain, where I finally ended up living. I think I must have had almost a 100 go-sees in one year! That was about 8 years ago, when emails still had to be small in size and I yet didn' t have my own website.

Today my clients know me well and come back for more, I have an agent in the U.S. and the website does all the rest. I can concentrate on my drawings and don' t have to spend much time on promotion.

- Thanks Silja! In Part 2 we'll find out some of Silja's own inspirations.

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