Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Maral Sassouni Interview: Part 3 - Influences

(Above: Portraits of Russian celebrities - by Irina Troitskaya)

In our third part this week, international illustrator Maral Sassouni talks through some of her favourite artists and illustrators.

Oh, where to begin? This is such a tough question to answer, it made my brain short-circuit! But I've managed to narrow it down to a few hundred :)!
To start with, a few things which I've seen around town recently and are fresh in my mind. Raoul Dufy (whose retrospective is currently at the Musée d'Art Moderne here) -- so joyful! And also Kveta Pacovská, the wonderful Czech children's book illustrator -- is showing in a small gallery in the 19e. Magical!

(Above: Poster for Vertigo, 1958 by Saul Bass)

So, my illustrator's pantheon would not be complete without :
(Above: Jazz nad Odra 74, Polish Poster by Jan Sawka)

Next: I love poster artists of all varieties:

the French post-war "affichistes" (the greatest of which has to be Raymond Savignac), Abram Games from England, Cuban poster artists, and especially Polish poster artists (Jan Sawka, Roman Cieslewicz, Stasys Eidrigevicius..). And Eastern European and Russian illustrators in general -- both past and present.
(Above: Le Figaro by Raymond Savignac)

That includes people like the wonderful Irina Troitskaya , Victoria Semykina, Vitali Konstantinov, Veronika Kalacheva, Julia Grigorieva. I don't know what they're putting in the water over there....

There's an immense amount of talent in France too -- Rebecca Dautremer, Antoine et Manuel, Loustal, Dupuy-Berberian, Frederic Clément -- I admire them all.

I admire different artists for different reasons. I especially admire those with a vivid world-view. The "colorists":

(Above: Image for Paris Magazine by Christopher Corr)

Christopher Corr (for his vibrant palette and his travel pieces, which truly convey the heat noise and pleasurable confusion of being in a new place for the first time).
Simon Wild (a recent discovery), Fernanda Cohen and Calef Brown.

(Above: Pinata Carnival by Fernanda Cohen)

On the other hand, I'm a huge fan of the sinister and droll Edward Gorey (who uses no color at all. So there you go...)

(Above: An image by Edward Gorey)

Then there's the reportage or sketchbook artists -- those who observe and draw on location and travel the 4 corners of the globe. Like:
Paul Hogarth, Matthew Cook, and Titouan Lamazou. And other kinds of sketchers -- like Mattias Adolfsson (who is just mad), and Andrea Joseph.

(Above: Buttons from Andrea Joseph's sketchbooks)

(Above: Big Burden by Calef Brown)

And finally, ART -- just a little drop from my ocean:
Paul Klee, Byzantine icons, Matisse cut paper compositions, Joseph Cornell's shadow boxes, illuminated manuscripts, Hokusai, Edward Hopper, David Hockney, Ingres, Giorgio Morandi...

There you go... raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens....

Thank you again Maral! There are loads of artists mentioned I will make sure to research more! Particularly enjoyed discovering the work of Mattias Adolfsson, and looking through the brilliant Polish posters as well. There's so many amazing illustrators out there, thank you for sharing some of them.

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