Saturday, 18 October 2008

The Big Draw!

This month the Campaign for Drawing (which sounds a better campaign than most..) aims to get everyone drawing by organising events at various locations around the country, as part of the Big Draw.. here in Nottingham the Hand and Heart Gallery has an exhibition of cartoonist's work showing til October 25th which I must get myself along to.. and Tuesday's Drawing Club has a comics theme too!

More info:

Film Night
Sunday 19th October, 8pm

showing “Crumb”, the David Lynch produced Terry Zwiggoff directed delving into the lives of eccentric, visionary, odd-ball cartoonist Robert Crumb and his family.

Drawing Club / Comics Jam
Tuesday 21st October, 7pm

get together to make up weird and fun stories. panel after panel of ridiculous twists and turns. no rules. draw anything you like. This event is part of ‘The Big Draw’ national campaign to get people drawing.


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