Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Illustrator of the Week no 3 - Julia Rothman

Of the other blogs I visit regularly, one of my favourites is Book by Its Cover, a daily guide to new books, including comics, illustration books, graphic design and self-published books as well. I also love the sketchbook series, where we get a peek into some brilliant artists' sketchbooks and see how their artwork begins.

The site is run by Julia Rothman, a pattern designer and illustrator who has designed, amongst other things, wallpaper, mugs and bedspreads. Some of her work can be found for sale at Urban Outfitters, but sadly doesn't seem available in the UK which is a pity, I might follow this post up with some items I want from there! Here are some patterns by the talented lady herself.

(Above: "Rocker" bedding available to buy from The Land of Nod and a sketchbook done by Julia at college, below: some items featuring her trademark patterns)

Check out Also Design, Julia's design company based in Chicago and New York for some more brilliant graphic design and illustration work.

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  1. Nice post series! I love this illustrator too! Thanks for sharing,

    Happy Potato Greetings!


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