Thursday, 26 June 2008

Make: Birthday Cupcakes

Okay.. I didn't actually make these as I didn't have the time, oops. But I decorated them with my housemate's name for her birthday and I think they look quite pretty! It spells Katrina in case it isn't that obvious!

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Handmade Theme: Polaroids

I heard recently that the company who make Polaroids are ceasing to produce the films.. more info on their site here. It's pretty sad and I hope another company steps in to make films as I love Polaroid photos and it'd be such a shame if the cameras died out due to increasing reliance on digital pictures. Anyway in tribute these artists have made some beautiful handmade items I thought I would share.

From top: 'In Loving Memory' polaroid pins by Helpless Romantic, Polaroid Memories Necklace by peroxidepixie, My Favourite Things Postcard set by AliciaBock, Lunastrella Print by johngolden, and Vintage Polaroid Badges set by squeezycheese

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Birdy Bedspread

Really want this bedspread from Urban Outfitters. Too bad it's not available over here in the UK. Booh! Look at the cute owl cushion as well..

Illustrator of the Week no 3 - Julia Rothman

Of the other blogs I visit regularly, one of my favourites is Book by Its Cover, a daily guide to new books, including comics, illustration books, graphic design and self-published books as well. I also love the sketchbook series, where we get a peek into some brilliant artists' sketchbooks and see how their artwork begins.

The site is run by Julia Rothman, a pattern designer and illustrator who has designed, amongst other things, wallpaper, mugs and bedspreads. Some of her work can be found for sale at Urban Outfitters, but sadly doesn't seem available in the UK which is a pity, I might follow this post up with some items I want from there! Here are some patterns by the talented lady herself.

(Above: "Rocker" bedding available to buy from The Land of Nod and a sketchbook done by Julia at college, below: some items featuring her trademark patterns)

Check out Also Design, Julia's design company based in Chicago and New York for some more brilliant graphic design and illustration work.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Make: Greetings Cards

This week I made a couple of new cards, the first is for a friend's birthday and the second for Father's Day on Sunday. The images were cut out of an issue of 'Woman' from the 70's, I love looking through old magazines for inspiration. Some of the food and adverts inside reveal so much about the time and how much things have changed since then!

Cool Stamps!

Okay, most stamps don't really grab my attention but I thought I'd mention the new Royal Mail set. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the release of Dracula, as well as the first Carry On film, so the stamps have a Hammer Horror theme, as well as a "Carry On.." connection. Quite cool!


Sunday, 8 June 2008

Nottingham Event: Paint, Draw, Stitch, Knit

Am quite excited to read about some upcoming events at Nottingham Castle at the end of this month, from 28 June - 2nd July. From the castle website:

Test your art-making skills during this week-long exhibition and related events. A rich assortment of painting, drawing and textile works from the Nottingham City Museums’ collection act as a starting point for your creativity. Add to the display and think about the different methods used by artists across the centuries to express their ideas.
Paint, Draw, Stitch, Knit workshops:
28 June, 5 July (daytime), 1 and 2 July (6pm - 8pm)
Activities include WOW! at the Castle, art sessions for children with Rosny Hayward and Sian Watson; for adults: drawing from life and painting the landscape with Mik Godley and a textile day with Laura McCafferty; plus an informal Knitting Cafe? for knitters of all ages and experience, with Becky Bowley. To book a place or find out more just call 0115 915 3651.
Am most looking forward to the stitching website with Laura Mccafferty, who I wrote about in an earlier post. Will be great to meet her and get some inside info on her creative process as well!

Friday, 6 June 2008

Handmade Theme: Tapes!

I have quite a thing for mixtapes and thought I'd share a few items I came across along this theme which I'm quite smitten with!

From top: Embroidered Tape Pillow, from, Spy Secrets Necklace by Crumpetcake on Etsy, Mixtape Pouches by BraveMoonMan also at Etsy, (quite tempted to make myself one of those!), Gocco printed Stationery Set by HeatherJeany at Etsy.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Illustrator of the week no 2: Steven Harrington

Another illustrator's work I recently stumbled upon is that of Steven Harrington, an artist and screen printer from Los Angeles. Steven's work has a 1960's influence which I like a lot. Check out his website for some more great silkscreens.

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